Kenya Johnson is a very authentic person; she is eloquent, brilliant, articulate, and a very effective leader. It is the coaching I received from Mrs. Johnson which made, working toward my goals the greatest difference in my life. I learned with the coaching and leadership of Mrs. Johnson how to make it happen. I have already conquered many hurdles in my path and now I am motivated, and will attain my degree. I am learning to be a master student, a master employee, and to a master entrepreneur, I now think outside the box, now I am well on my way to success!!! Thank you!

J. Cannon
                 Detroit, MI

Kenya Johnson is a great coach because she is genuinely concerned about the people in whom she is trying to help.  She has a point of reference of the hurts and concerns of her clients.  She is able to hear the voice of God concerning her clients.
-K. Burns
Southfield, MI

Patience is one thing that makes Kenya a great coach.  She flows in her anointing to direct a group from the negative and stay on task in the positive.  She enables her clients to go deeper without being pushy.  She is a great encourager and exhorter.  She is down to earth and not pretentious.  She encourages and cheers her clients on or group and shares her own experiences which I believe encourages others to open up.  She has a way of making the experience safe.  I was not afraid to open up

-B. Vance
Detroit, MI

My experience in the Total Makeover Company has been extremely rewarding and life changing.  The group sessions and one-on-one’s were beneficial, but the inner healing session was phenomenal.  Growing up in a legalistic environment with a mother, who was controlling, left me with many ungodly beliefs and negative feelings about myself.  With no true identity, I began to hide behind a mask dictated by the church I was raised in.  I believed that the blessings of God were “too good to be true” for me.  I developed a distorted view of everything and everyone.  Going through continuous cycles of defeat and rejection created a deeper sense of failure in my life.  Through the inner healing portion of the Total Makeover Company I was able to get free from a deep-rooted fear of failure.  Although I only attacked one area in my life, it felt like a ton of bricks was lifted off me.  
-D. Robbs
Detroit, MI
The coaching services of Kenya Johnson and the Total Makeover are phenomenal! Mrs. Johnson provides Christian based coaching with a personal touch and unique flair.  I highly recommend her services to anyone who desires to take their life to the next level.

-Carletta E. Griffin, MBA
Novi, MI