The Woman Inside

The Woman Inside

Activating and Building the Woman In You

by Kenya Johnson on 02/22/12

As you have notice, I've made a few changes to my website.  I have also changed my mission statement or tagline to reflect what my mission is for this year and the years to come.  I believe that it is important never to lose site of the person you are or were before you got entangled in the many responsibilities women have.  I know that it is easy to get lost in everything going on around you and just adapt to your current atmosphere.  I know this all too well. 

This blog is just candid thoughts that I may have throughout the day or week.  Feel free to be open and leave your comments because I am looking forward to enteracting with all of you. 

Let's activate and build that woman in you!

Free To Be You?

by Kenya Johnson on 08/02/11

Have you ever felt placed in a box?

No freedom to be who you are or what you want to be? 

Have you felt that you had to measure up to others expectations of you?

Are you afraid to venture out and do some things you always wanted to do because others are expecting more of you?

Do you feel suffocated or trapped between what you want and what other’s expected?

I know these are loaded questions, but I want you to really take some time and think about each of them.  In my practice I have notice self-esteem and self-worth issues that are related to each of these areas.  For the month of August we will be discussing these issues and I invite anyone and everyone to add your commits. 

My endeavor is to help you through these issues with as little pain as possible.  If you have a concern now would be a time to ask so we can address them.  This is your time to have access to me for free.  Ask your questions on my blog, facebook page, twitter and even by email.  With all of this I am gathering information for a new self-esteem program.  I want to help you build your self-esteem.

I look forward to hearing from you!


Kenya Johnson, M.P.G.C.

Finding the good in me.....

by Kenya Johnson on 07/06/11

Today, was a very slow day for me.  I did more housework then anything else.  As I was going through my day I started feeling a little depressed.  Then all the self defeating thoughts started to infultrate my mind.  When I notice what was happening I immediately started to think about all of my positive characteristics.  I am a good mother, wife and daughter.  I am a beautiful woman with a wonderful family.  I have a great career and wonderful clients.......and the list goes on.  When I began  to think on the positive things I began to feel better. 

If you find yourself in one of those blah blah blah moods........remember to focus on the positive things; write them down and meditate on them.  Believe me, you will feel much better.

Until Later,




New Programs and Workshops

by Kenya Johnson on 05/27/11

Hello Hello!

I am so excited about TTMC's new programs and workshops.  I truly believe that these new programs is just what the doctor ordered.  If you haven't taken the time to browes the upcoming events page, I suggest you do so ASAP! 

I have never offered a new program or workshops for such a low price before. I am doing this because I believe that these programs will help many women all around the world.  If you know someone that you feel will benefit from these programs let them know or sign them up!

New Programs:

Back to the Basics

Let's Get Supercharged

Relationships (From a Christian perspective)

Until Later,



About This Blog

by Kenya Johnson on 05/27/11

This blog is designed for me to express my thoughts and feelings on a more personal note.  The Woman Inside is all about the person that we feel we are on the inside and working to bring her out to display on the outside.  As you know I am a self-esteem coach and I believe that everyone that lack self-esteem can find it on the inside of them.  My job as a coach is to help you find that inner strength you have inside and equip you with the tools you need to succeed.

In this blog I will express my own thoughts and feelings (negative or positive) and share with you my solutions.  At any time feel free to share your own xperiences and solutions if you have found one.  I love hearing from others and sharing what life has to offer.  

Until Later,